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From Twitter 02-15-2010

  • 00:15:05: So tired...I dunno if I can finish writing this by midnight, I can't concentrate. ~.~
  • 05:14:24: Wow. I'm rereading some chapters of SoPHD, and I really got some details wrong. Well, not that I knew that when I was writing this.
  • 05:17:04: I got some details right too. Simon really could have caused the Spiral Nemesis in Chapter 5. He was probably only a minute away.
  • 05:20:06: A minute later and that mini galaxy would have expanded into a real galaxy and the chain of events would have been started.
  • 05:22:44: He actually must have a great deal of control to power down after that. And he started to lose that control near the end of Chapter 8...
  • 05:25:23: Funny how reading these chapters now, it feels almost like a different person wrote them. I can actually enjoy them as one of the audience.
  • 05:32:17: I need to go back and revise this someday though. Some of these mistakes are pretty embarrassing. Oh, the days before I had a beta...
  • 05:38:28: I think I really did a disservice to the Anti-Spirals. I made them seem like idiots. That made some things more convenient, but still...
  • 05:46:37: Argh, I want to get back to writing more fluff with these two. Damn you, Chapter 11, for being so long and hard to write.
  • 06:09:52: Last thought before I go to bed: My problems with the porn fic might be resolved if I completely change the setting. Yes, I should do that.
  • 16:43:20: The deadline for "Gurrepala Origins" is in TLA in March then. :(
  • 16:44:44: Oh well, I'll hopefully see a preview or something firsthand at Tokyo Anime Fair!
  • 21:51:08: I'm getting the infernal cough. I can usually tell when I'm recovering from a cold because I develop a cough that lasts for weeks after.
  • 21:53:20: For some reason I don't have a cough when I'm at my sickest, it's only when I start to recover.

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