Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 02-14-2010

  • 04:13:23: Aw, they cut Hohenheim saying "My armor collection!!!" when he met Al. XD I wanted to hear Al snap "CHIGAAAAAAAU!" XD
  • 04:28:30: Glad to see Greedling back again! I still want to punch Greed in the face though. >:(
  • 04:52:39: I can't wait to get to Super Spiral Space in SoPHD. I think Garlock will really enjoy himself there. Craziness TEN TIMES OVER.
  • 04:55:12: Don't ask me how they stole the Death Spiral Machine without going into S.S.Space. I don't even know.
  • 04:56:53: Actually, maybe Simon accidentally tore open another hole in spacetime and they jumped through only to find themselves in a space ocean.
  • 05:00:20: Yeah, let's just go with that. As for how they managed to actually steal it...I don't know. They just did something crazy as usual.
  • 05:10:36: I love these guys so much.
  • 20:48:32: Why am I still sick? I usually get over colds in like...three days tops. :(
  • 20:50:04: Well, I finally framed my Lagann-hen poster! Now to decide where to put it in my room...

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Tags: anime, fanfiction, fma

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