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From Twitter 02-13-2010

  • 06:11:19: It's kinda silly how much I enjoy writing Simon and Nia just talking to each other.
  • 06:28:37: I wish my peak hours for writing weren't 4-7 AM. I can hardly get to sleep properly because ideas keep running through my head.
  • 07:26:54: Sunday mornings are going to be full of FMA from now on. Brotherhood in English on TV followed by Brotherhood in Japanese on Keyhole.
  • 16:00:10: Hmm, maybe I'll post something tomorrow for Valentine's Day since I didn't do anything for Simon & Nia's anniversary.
  • 16:06:50: "Remnants" is still too depressing...if I don't finish that porn piece tonight, I guess I can post that short spin-off fic I was working on.
  • 21:40:08: Rewatching episodes 13 & 14 of Gurren Lagann...dubbed. "Do you have any idea the depths of my SHAAAAAAME?!" Oh, Viral.
  • 21:44:24: It's been a while since I've watched these, so I'm looking for any details I've missed. Like how Viral is completely exposed in Enkidu.
  • 22:17:46: Hmm, the problem with a possible Lagann/Solvernia gattai is that Solvernia is probably another Lagann-type gattai itself.
  • 22:19:02: Can two Lagann's combine with each other? I wonder what would have happened if Lagann was able to successfully take over Lazengann...
  • 22:22:10: Well, TTGL itself was composed of a ton of Lagann's, so there's that. And a four-way gattai is shown to be possible in canon...
  • 22:40:11: Maybe if Lagann combined with another Gunmen and then combined with Solvernia? Like a Katora Leader...then they could have wings too.
  • 22:59:32: Currently making (horrible) rough sketches of possible Gunmen combinations. Gawd, I can't draw...

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