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More thoughts on 104

ShukumeiGattai: I was happy Greedling showed up too, because Greed kept talking about doing something and Arakawa properly followed that up. but I also find it kinda hilarious because it did NOTHING. he showed up just to fail. XD;; and well, thanks to that, he didn't get his soul used as energy...
arijanian: Yes, that was good.
ShukumeiGattai: it would've been hilarious if he succeeded too. just went "Yoink!" and became God instead of Father. ...actually, that wouldn't be hilarious. Greed knew what would happen and planned on doing it to himself instead of stopping it. that BASTARD. D:<
arijanian: Ugh.
arijanian: I have a feeling Ling was staging a small riot in there when he realized that.
arijanian: Becoming emperor?
arijanian: Awesome.
arijanian: Becoming immortal?
arijanian: Even more awesome.
arijanian: Killing everyone in Amestris including Lan Fan to become God?
arijanian: BU. YAO.
ShukumeiGattai: it's like he learned nothing. what about your companions? what's the point of fighting for those guys out there if you know they're just going to get their souls sucked out?! (well, it was Ling doing most of the fighting, and Greed humoring him. but still.)
arijanian: Perhaps he figured he could always just put 'em back?
arijanian: "Oh, you guys are cool, you're with me."
arijanian: *squirts out souls*
ShukumeiGattai: I dunno... D:
ShukumeiGattai: but really, being greedy and all, I'm sure becoming God is awesome, but what's the point of being King of the World if there's no one to rule? methinks Greed should have listened to more of Ling's sagely advice
ShukumeiGattai: this also really puts into perspective that even if he's on the good guy side, he's still inherently a villain. an anti-hero.
arijanian: *nods*
arijanian: Well, I guess Amestris is just one country.
arijanian: Greed could rule over all the rest of the world quite happily.
ShukumeiGattai: true. he's already got the emperor of Xing position lined up for him. still kinda pisses me off though because he was all "dude, your girl is AWESOME" about Ran Fan and being all sympathetic toward the humans around him...
arijanian: *nods*
arijanian: I guess in the end he's still Greed.
ShukumeiGattai: he's losing loyal henchmen! did he learn NOTHING?
ShukumeiGattai: *sigh* yes -__-
ShukumeiGattai: Greed can't help being Greed
arijanian: -_-
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