Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 02-07-2010

  • 04:29:51: Today's FMA episode: Friggin amazing animation during the action scene! *__* Takayama Minami was amazing too! Fetus Envy was cute. XD
  • 04:44:01: Oh, but they didn't show Mei deciding to go back. Will they include that in a later episode then?
  • 18:41:00: I am so sick and tired of shoveling snow.
  • 18:55:21: I don't want to move at all for the rest of the day. -__-
  • 23:10:26: Ahahaha there's a gurren_dressing reunion going on in the Kink Meme.

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Tags: anime, fma, weather

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