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Fandom stuff

Okay, so I'm a little caught up in writing fanfic right now, but I will get back to translating stuff eventually. And so, a poll:

This poll is closed.

What should I translate first?

Remaining WEB Anime Style Lagann-hen interviews
Otoko-gumi Dayo! Gurren Lagann! Drama CD
Other (explain in comments)

I said I'd write up what I found funny/interesting from the commentaries, but altogether that's like four hours of material holy jeez so I'm going to translate the interviews before that to make it easier on myself since they talk about a lot of the same stuff.

(However, I will say that my favorite part of the cast commentary is when they talk about cool it is that Arc Gurren-Lagann cracks its neck like a person, but that you could actually injure yourself that way, and that devolves into a discussion of what it'd be like to have a mecha with a neck cast.)

Dunno if I'll ever finish that Gurren-hen commentary. It was somewhat doable on Youtube, but figuring out how to fansub on top of that feels like too much work. D:

But anyway, back to talking about fanfic, here's what I'm working on at the moment:

-Sound of Pulling Heaven Down Chapter 11 Part 3
-Remnants (aka the Zombie!Nia fic)
-Days of Thunder (aka this) Chapter 1
-Lagann-hen post-battle porn fic

Yes. I'm working on all of them, at the same time. Also, because I just listened to the final drama CD again and it made me want to cry, I also want to do fluffy futurefic. Still coming up with ideas for that one, but it will be painfully fluffy.

I was planning Remnants as a one-shot, but it's getting longer than I expected so I'll probably split it into three parts. I'll post a preview of that and Chap. 1 of Days of Thunder sometime soon.

And I decided to finish the Simon/Nia porn fic after all. There's a prompt in the Kink Meme that gives me a good excuse to post it there, so. >.>; Can't say it'll be good though, since I've never written porn before and it's mostly just me being self-indulgent.

I'm not setting any deadlines. I'LL FINISH THEM WHEN I FINISH THEM. But at least I'm making bits of progress.
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