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From Twitter 02-02-2010

  • 03:38:37: Oh so we're FINALLY getting an adult Simon figure?! Adult Nia and Messenger Nia too... 8)
  • 03:41:26: HOLY SHIT DO WANT.
  • 03:42:11: And this is coming from someone who hardly ever collects figures.
  • 03:49:53: That adult Nia looks so pretty~~ It's really sad that this is the first time adult Simon's been made into a figure though.
  • 16:52:35: After a few weeks of not working on it at all, I'm back to writing SoPHD. I find a break usually helps refresh my perspective.
  • 16:57:46: I really need to dig into Nia's character this time...which means I'll probably spend my time thinking more than actually writing.
  • 17:00:07: In canon, there's the question whether Nia would forgive Simon if he abused his power in reviving her...
  • 17:03:33: But in SoPHD, I have a Nia who loves a Simon who abuses power regularly and plans to continue doing so.
  • 17:07:04: The only conclusion (besides OOCness) is that SoPHD!Nia is a little insane herself. But love can do that to people.
  • 17:12:11: Also there's only so much you can expect from someone already teetering on the edge of Spiral Nemesis. If letting him be selfish...
  • 17:12:48: ...for once keeps him from destroying the universe, that does sound pretty reasonable.

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Tags: fanfiction, gurren lagann

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