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From Twitter 01-30-2010

  • 11:19:31: Whee, it's snowing again~
  • 11:19:42: Guess I'll start the staff commentary now.
  • 12:17:10: LOL so the origin of the name "Gunmarl" is "Lazengann made ippai aru."
  • 12:22:14: HAHAHA they just *bleeped* something!
  • 13:28:16: Okay, the staff commentary was much better. XD
  • 13:28:59: I had trouble paying attention to what they were saying near the end though, I was so taken in by the visuals.
  • 13:29:43: Why is it that I only started properly crying during this movie while watching the /staff commentary/ of all things?
  • 13:31:35: I guess maybe all of it just finally hit me. Those ending credits are truly beautiful.
  • 15:11:23: Thinking back over the drama CD...Simon can get really friggin bitter. He was making some scary expressions in Lagann-hen too.
  • 15:12:05: Makes me feel a little better about my portrayal of Garlock.
  • 15:28:59: Actually, Simon in the latest drama CD is in that exact kind of "fuck everything, I'm just going to break things" mindset.
  • 15:31:23: I should probably listen to it again and take some notes...
  • 15:49:01: What strikes me about adult Nia is that she's /mature/. She might have her head in the clouds, but overall she's a really mature woman.
  • 15:51:50: I think that's shown especially in her return proposal in the movie. Love that scene so much.
  • 23:04:50: As much as I love it, I can understand most peoples' dislikes about Lagann-hen. But it's not like it was made to replace the TV series.
  • 23:07:53: I mean the manga and novel versions have their differences too. Why not just enjoy the good aspects of all of them? No need to get angry.
  • 23:18:14: Come to think of it, my personal headcanon stays pretty close to the TV series while including details from all the other versions.

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