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From Twitter 01-29-2010

  • 01:48:19: Believe it or not, I actually started writing some Simon/Nia porn last night. Dunno if I'll finish it though...
  • 01:51:29: The only way I can imagine myself finishing it is by skimping on the details of the actual sex, which kinda defeats the point.
  • 01:59:43: Meh, maybe I'll post what I have later anyway. A big post of in-progress fic excerpts.
  • 02:07:47: I have a confession: Tengen Toppa Kidd Knuckle & Ainzaurus is my favorite part of the Tengen Toppa Festival. HELL YEAH WHIRLWIND BROTHERS!
  • 17:12:03: Oh man, I didn't realize the DVD had an option for 5.1 surround sound. Awesome. But does that mean I watched it in stereo last night?
  • 17:12:54: Starting the cast commentary~
  • 17:14:31: Wow, this commentary is a mess right from the beginning. XD
  • 17:19:20: I can hardly tell that Yukarin is in this commentary; she isn't saying anything. D: And of course everyone else is a motor-mouth...
  • 17:28:18: LOL Yukarin thinks Nia sees Kamina as like her grandma.
  • 19:23:21: Awwww, Yukarin was crying during the ending credits! ;____;
  • 19:37:52: I guess I can't really blame Bandai anymore for not including the commentaries on their DVDs. It's just complete chaos.
  • 19:39:36: It took me almost a week just to translate those first ten minutes of Gurren-hen's commentary. No way am I doing that for Lagann-hen's.
  • 19:40:47: Well, maybe the staff commentary will be a little more controlled.

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