Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 01-27-2010

  • 04:03:46: I think I'll take my itch to rewatch Lagann-hen and put it to good use by working on my Zombie!Nia fic. Because I am now newly inspired.
  • 04:06:07: Viral & Lord Genome's dialogue at the beginning also newly inspired me for the other fic I've been planning.
  • 04:07:38: And yeah I'm also newly inspired for Sound of Pulling Heaven Down (for scenes a few chapters ahead anyway). TIME TO BE PRODUCTIVE.
  • 04:11:24: One good thing I can say about my Zombie!Nia fic is that I friggin love writing canon!Simon and getting inside his head.
  • 19:46:22: Looks like my DVD arrived in New York this afternoon. Wonder if this means I can get it tomorrow...

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Tags: fanfiction

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