Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Re: Lagann-hen

So. I finally, finally, FINALLY watched it.

....I think I'll need to watch it again to really enjoy it though. For one, I had of course spoiled myself to hell beforehand. Second, the video file kept stuttering throughout which was REALLY distracting. D: I also was continually distracted by all the changes in acting, BGM, animation, and etc. For most of the movie I was just picking out details, which really lessened my ability to view the movie as a whole.

EXCEPT FOR THE TENGEN TOPPA FESTIVAL. That part had me grinning like mad and utterly captivated, even with the video stuttering constantly. *___* AHHHHH EVERY SECOND OF SUPER TENGEN TOPPA WAS AWESOOOOOOOMMMMMEE. The timing of the "Sorairo Days" remix seriously was PERFECT. The part where it pulls back from the two Giga Drills and for a moment you see the infinity sign gave me chills.

Also, I teared up a little during the ending credits. ;___; That animation with Simon putting the coat on and becoming an adult was seriously BEAUTIFUL. And the heart and the flower disappearing. ;___;

There was SO MUCH NEW ANIMATION OMG. I mean HOLY CRAP it seemed like there was a new shot every other second.

I think I was a little surprised by how short some scenes were after all the hype, like HACKING PAPA. That part should have been longer~!! XD

Also, Simon seriously was SO MANLY in this movie. THEY WEREN'T KIDDING I TOTALLY FELL IN LOVE ALL OVER AGAIN. I was caught off guard and squealing over that brief shot of him changing into his space costume. WHY DIDN'T I HEAR ABOUT THAT BEFORE. Okay so he was just putting his goggles on but OMG. That was hot. Every new shot of him was hot.

I was also really happy they used the "Rap is the Soul of Man...wasn'" BGM during the prison scenes. That BGM epitomizes the 3rd arc for me and I was afraid they'd cut it. Actually overall I was happy with the BGM choices, considering all the scenes have to blend together without episode breaks, though I do still prefer the TV series version for some (for example I always loved the timing of "FIGHT DA POWER" when Chouginga is about to transform, or "To hell with this gattai!!" starting just as Arc Gurren-Lagann's arm pops out).

SIMON WAS AN ASTRONAUT IN ONE OF THE PARALLEL UNIVERSES LOL. I need to go back and look at that scene again to pick out the rest. On 2ch they're saying even more were added in the DVD revisions compared to the theatrical version.

And opinion yet on the Nia and Simon/Nia parts. SEE HOW DISTRACTED I WAS? Plus I already wrote my opinion on most of it way back after reading spoilers. There were several details that made me really happy when I saw them but I'm having a hard time recalling them now ummm. I'll write them down after I watch it a second time. ON DVD. Because dammit stupid file stuttering fffffffffffff. DX

EDIT: OH! I also really loved how it showed the stages of progress in Simon's work on the Kamina Statue to show the passage of time, and how it ended with that swell of music and the statue finally completed. The whole timeskip montage flowed really well, though each cut flew by so fast that I'd have to slow it down to look at them again. No wonder people kept going to the theater again and again to catch all these details.

The Teppelin battle was edited nicely too. It felt suitably epic even though a lot was cut out. I like how it used that shot of Nia yelling "SIMON!" and how important that made it seem compared to the TV version. It was like it snapped Simon back into action. That seemed to resonate again with her yelling "SIMON!" while Anti-Spiral was analyzing her, and how it went back into Simon's parallel universe right after.

EDIT 2: AAGGHHHHH I want to watch it again RIGHT NOW and I don't know if I can wait for my DVD but I don't know if I can take that stuttering video again AGH. DX
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