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From Twitter 01-23-2010

  • 04:40:49: Working on my Zombie!Nia fic again. But the more I write, the more I feel like THIS IS BAD AND I SHOULD FEEL BAD.
  • 04:41:27: It's one heartbreak after another for poor Simon. Why do I do this. D:
  • 04:49:36: Maybe I should post an excerpt to see how people react to it. Sort of like a test audience.
  • 04:52:25: If it's liked, then yay, I could move on with a less guilty conscience. If it's hated...uh...maybe I could at least get some concrit?
  • 12:23:28: Whee, about an hour until the TV special on Lagann-hen. I hope to watch it live this time. :3
  • 13:17:06: OH DAMMIT. I must have gotten the time mixed up. I missed it! D: Well...hopefully someone will put it up on Nico Douga or something.
  • 13:37:54: AHHHH ONE MORE PAGE.
  • 13:42:09: OH WAIT I DIDN'T MISS IT. Watching it now. :3
  • 13:42:21: Yukarin~~
  • 13:43:55: FFFF YES NEW CLIPS
  • 13:46:58: Is that it...? That was short.
  • 15:28:17: I think I've now nearly mastered the art of making omelettes. At least, it makes my mom really happy every time I make one.

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Tags: fanfiction, gurren lagann

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