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From Twitter 01-21-2010

  • 04:15:07: I should really update my userinfo on Livejournal...that thing is SO old and outdated, it's embarrassing. .__. But I'm so lazy...
  • 04:16:27: I have to say, I am enjoying the HELL out of my Pearl version. If I liked Ruby as much, I might have actually finished it...
  • 04:17:21: I mean, it hasn't even been a full week since I got it, and I already have 7 badges.
  • 16:38:55: I can't help but LOL at this picture a little.
  • 16:40:27: Inoue's like "MY PRECIOUS~~" and Kakihara is all gangster cool.
  • 17:30:35: I'm starting to get really excited just imagining how much STUFF I'll have to watch/listen to when I get the Lagann-hen DVD.
  • 17:32:36: First the movie as is, then the staff commentary, cast commentary, bonus features, and then the drama CD. That's about 8 hours of content.
  • 17:36:46: Though the movie RAW will probably be online before my DVD actually gets I'll most likely end up watching it that way first.

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Tags: game, gurren lagann, pokemon

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