Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 01-19-2010

  • 19:31:35: I find it ironic that the flu shot I got yesterday hurt significantly less than taking the bandaid off did today.
  • 22:14:32: Why has there been so much Japanese on prime time TV these days???
  • 22:16:33: It seems like every other show has a moment where someone speaks Japanese (often quite badly).
  • 22:23:17: Heroes is amusing because it seems nearly every character can speak Japanese. And Masi Oka is the only one who is actually fluent.
  • 22:25:40: Actually, I think there were a couple of people cast as Japanese who were fluent too, like Hiro's sister.
  • 23:00:15: This new show Human Target is so bland. :| It's trying so hard to be cool too.

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Tags: tv

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