Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 01-15-2010

  • 17:27:00: YAAAY I have a Pokemon Pearl version now! *___*
  • 17:40:17: Hmm, I'm pretty indifferent to all the 4th generation starters. But I guess I'll go with Piplup. Penguins are cool.
  • 17:43:23: YES! Running Shoes! THANK YOU! The slow walking was getting on my nerves. D:
  • 17:58:05: I think I'm going to be picky about what Pokemon I catch. I don't want no stinkin' beaver on my team.
  • 18:20:27: YAY! Caught a Shinx. :D
  • 18:51:48: Water heater is broken again. Looks like I might be taking a cold shower tonight. :/
  • 20:21:23: Why does crap like Kanokon and Queen's Blade keep being licensed?
  • 23:51:14: I've been playing this game for barely a day and I've already evolved my Piplup. :3
  • 23:53:25: And uh...I did end up catching a Bidoof. But only to use as a HM slave. >_>;

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Tags: anime, game, pokemon

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