Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 01-12-2010

  • 16:33:01: uggghhhhh
  • 16:34:42: It's kinda funny that we get this sort of art for Yoko/Nia and Rossiu/Simon but not for any actual canon pairings. Oh, fanservice.
  • 16:36:29: But then Simon/Nia already gets tons of official art so I suppose I shouldn't complain about that.
  • 17:44:19: Reading this:
  • 17:46:31: OMG they used the "Spiral Disease" idea in the scene where Simon vomits blood; there's an effect where his blood starts swirling in spirals.
  • 17:47:07: I always found that idea fascinating so this is awesome. :OO
  • 17:50:39: And I'm starting to love Shouko Nakamura for drawing so many of Simon's scenes in such detail. <3
  • 17:59:15: L-LOL Yamaguchi originally drew Nia blushing as she's being molested by Anti-Spiral. They had to take that out of course.
  • 18:08:17: Thinking over the Spiral Disease idea, I wonder if there's a way to work that into a horror AU of some sort.
  • 18:09:53: The problem is, it's really easy for it to turn silly (which is why it was dropped).
  • 18:11:03: Maybe I should read Uzumaki or something for inspiration...

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