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Re: FMA Episode 39


arijanian: FMAAA
arijanian: holy cow the new opening is so shippy
arijanian: Ed: OH NO I'M ALL ALONE AND RED
ShukumeiGattai: it was so full of brotherly love too
arijanian: Mei: Hey it's okay Al I am here to hang on your arm
arijanian: Ed: *glances at Winry*
arijanian: Winry: ...yeah I don't do clingy, but I'll smile at you.
arijanian: Ed: That works.
ShukumeiGattai: but wow, Roy and Riza were hardly in it, if at all
ShukumeiGattai: I think that's a first
ShukumeiGattai: AWWWWW
arijanian: aaaah
arijanian: hug so cute
arijanian: miles you are so badass
arijanian: It looked like Ed was pressing his face into her hair or something
arijanian: so cuuut
arijanian: /cuuute
arijanian: Fff, Al.
arijanian: "Mei!"
ShukumeiGattai: XD
arijanian: "...and Marcoh?"
arijanian: Uh, good to know you've got your priorities straight, Al. >.>
ShukumeiGattai: I wonder if they plan to push the Al/Mei-ness even more in the anime
arijanian: Man, Marcoh's face is even more messed up in the anime
arijanian: it looks like he ruined an eye or something
arijanian: also, I would love it if we got tappuri arumei in the anime
arijanian: Go, Al!
arijanian: ...GO AL!
ShukumeiGattai: go Yoki XD
arijanian: ahahaha Yoki saves the day.
ShukumeiGattai: it never ceases to amuse me how useful that guy can be
arijanian: Never underestimate the comic relief.
ShukumeiGattai: yay Winry~
arijanian: Winry got an eyecatch!
arijanian: Lol, poor Ed.
arijanian: He's all LEAVE IT TO ME EHEHEHE
arijanian: And Miles just shuts him down.
arijanian: "But I made a cool muscle-pose! ...oh, fine." -_-
ShukumeiGattai: I love how they handled the whole thing with Ed and Al being separated in the OP. since really, they probably won't meet up again until near the end of the season, assuming they end with the huge Pride battle
arijanian: *nods*
arijanian: I also loved how after they realize, oh, girls!
arijanian: Everybody else in the cast is like AND WE'RE WITH YOU, TOO, BOYS!
arijanian: *fueru fueru*
ShukumeiGattai: *couldn't resist*
arijanian: ...fff.
arijanian: Because one of my favorite things about the manga/2nd anime is the theme of family.
ShukumeiGattai: BACK!
arijanian: Family you're born to, and family you create.
ShukumeiGattai: GO WINRY
arijanian: GO GO GO *cheers*
arijanian: ahahaha Edface
arijanian: man, "yokei" is getting a lot of use in this episode.
arijanian: Man. Go, Marcoh, too.
ShukumeiGattai: EARRINGS
arijanian: YAY
arijanian: YES
arijanian: THAT
ShukumeiGattai: this is why they had to animate SImple People
ShukumeiGattai: awww
arijanian: fff
ShukumeiGattai: *stern face* *grips earrings*
ShukumeiGattai: aww he's still looking at them
arijanian: Awwww.
arijanian: I love the earrings
arijanian: He still hasn't given them back to her in the manga
arijanian: has he?
ShukumeiGattai: I don't think so :O
arijanian: Even when they met up and she flashed him.
ShukumeiGattai: he totally could have too
arijanian: Well, almost did.
arijanian: flashbaaaacks
ShukumeiGattai: yay they're adding Scarbro dialogue they skipped, I think
ShukumeiGattai: go Yoki!
arijanian: oh Yoki. XD
arijanian: awww
arijanian: The chimera are adorable somehow
ShukumeiGattai: I can't wait to see more of Heinkel and Gori-san
ShukumeiGattai: I keep being tempted to mention something about the latest chapter but you probably haven't read it yet :X
ShukumeiGattai: though I haven't read it all yet either
ShukumeiGattai: go Al!
arijanian: Yaaay Al!
arijanian: (I haven't, no)
ShukumeiGattai: bawww they're not going to see each other for most of the season after this
arijanian: Come on, Al!
ShukumeiGattai: AHHHH
ShukumeiGattai: augh his nails
arijanian: Albody, you are creepy. >.>
arijanian: I hate to say it, but.
ShukumeiGattai: DD:
arijanian: Oh, Al. ;_;
ShukumeiGattai: oooh I hope we see Greed flirting with chimeras
ShukumeiGattai: aww, nope
ShukumeiGattai: NEW ED
arijanian: ...ato hitori.
ShukumeiGattai: ooh it's upbeat
arijanian: ;_;
ShukumeiGattai: D:
arijanian: ooh I like the red eyes on the muncs
arijanian: ffff rained-on Roy
ShukumeiGattai: okay this ED is pretty awesome so far
ShukumeiGattai: AWESOME
ShukumeiGattai: ACTION ED
ShukumeiGattai: Winry!
ShukumeiGattai: wait whose hands are that
arijanian: I dunno!
ShukumeiGattai: reversed transmutation circle!
arijanian: Child and parent maybe?
ShukumeiGattai: I guess
arijanian: So either of the boys and Hohenheim, maybe?
arijanian: .....Ling and Lan Fan get their own CDs?
ShukumeiGattai: you haven't heard them yet?
ShukumeiGattai: Ling's are awesome
ShukumeiGattai: FLASHBAAAACK
ShukumeiGattai: AHHHHHHHH
arijanian: OOOH
arijanian: We get young!Van!
ShukumeiGattai: now to wait for the new OP & ED are uploaded *__*
arijanian: so it was an all-new OP?
arijanian: I wasn't sure, I haven't seen the last few eps
ShukumeiGattai: because the whole Greedling VS Wrath fight in the OP was just a big blocky mess on Keyhole
ShukumeiGattai: yup, it started this episode
arijanian: awesome!
arijanian: I like it.
arijanian: I like both.

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