Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 01-08-2010

  • 14:25:52: Maybe I don't get Kamina's character very well, but I have a hard time imagining him being domestic.
  • 14:26:31: Well, maybe he would get over his OMG ADVENTURE phase once he's out of his teens...
  • 14:28:22: But I can't help seeing him like his father; middle-aged and with a kid, but still running off in search of new horizons...
  • 14:37:01: When you really think about it, it's kinda messed up how Joe just left him like that. Did Kamina still have a mother at that point?
  • 14:42:56: "COME JOIN ME SOMEDAY SON HAHAHAHA BYE" I suddenly feel really sorry for little Kamina...
  • 15:28:23: And I've just now realized that this song is extremely appropriate for Kamina:
  • 20:04:43: Just took "What City should you live in?" and got: London! Try it ➔

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Tags: fanfiction, gurren lagann

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