Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 12-29-2009

  • 00:59:53: OH LUNGE.
  • 01:27:18: Thanks to SyFy, I've seen Now and Then, Here and There more times than I would like. It's good, but sooo hard to watch. D:
  • 01:34:09: But oh man, I love that opening scene with Lala-Ru and the little girl. XD
  • 01:44:38: Wait a minute, why hasn't Sarah shown up yet? I thought she should have met up with Shu already, am I remembering wrong?
  • 01:58:31: Oh never mind, there she is. Guess I did remember wrong.
  • 03:36:45: Just ate Leeron.
  • 18:46:26: Just ate Simon.
  • 19:00:03: You know, I thought Super TTGL looked kinda goofy on the cover, but it does look pretty kickass in motion.
  • 19:51:15: Still no Nia box announcement...maybe in January's anime magazines? :( *crosses fingers*
  • 20:20:39: Eating Kamina with some green tea. Mom's eating Lord Genome. Now only Ed is left.
  • 20:40:58: Gonna start working on Chapter 11 Part 3 of SoPHD tonight. I want to try bringing a bit of it to Writer's Group tomorrow...

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Tags: anime, fanfiction, gurren lagann, monster

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