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So the 4th Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OP, "Period" by CHEMISTRY, was played on a radio show.
Download! (Song starts at 2:30)

I have to say this is another strong opening. It sounds really cool and catchy and I find it fun to sing. It has great potential to be another epic OP when put together with visuals. *_* Of course, what makes me really happy is that the lyrics were written for Ed & Al in this period (haha) of the story. And it fits!

And so, I tried transliterating it. The bolded words are parts I'm really not sure about.

owari naki tabi no tochuu
tachidomarisou na toki
fukai tameiki kobosu bokura wa

tsukamikakete wa mata hanareteitta
demo ima wa mou nanimo osoreru koto wa nai

kokoro tsunagu tsuyoi kizuna wa
keshite hodokewashinai sa
sagashitsuzukete tadoritsuita
kono basho de PERIOD ni

ai ni michita nukumori
karadajuu kakemeguru
nidoto kieru koto nai kioku ga

kanarazu yakusoku hatashite kimi wo tsurete kiyou
hagureru (yume wo) negai (daite) subete uta ni nosete

genjitsu kara me wo sorasazu ni
tachimukau yuuki wo
kanashimi ikari chikara ni kaete
unmei wa sugu soba ni

mukau saki wa sora
kirameku sekai

boku wo furuwasu kono kansei wo
uragiru koto wa shinai sa
tomo ni ikiteiku mirai no tame ni
kono basho de PERIOD ni

shinjitsu wo yubisaki ni

And then I tried translating it, and oh my god. Things that sound like they make sense in Japanese seem incomprehensible when put in English ahaha. ^^; For one thing, I'm not sure what "period ni" is supposed to mean, so I just made a guess. Needless to say, you shouldn't take this translation as completely accurate. It's just for a very general understanding, and I'd appreciate any help in completing this.

On this endless journey
whenever we are about to come to a stop
the two of us sigh deeply

Though we tried to grab on, we've grown distant again
But now there's nothing more to fear

This powerful bond that connects our hearts
won't ever be unfastened
At this place we've searched for and finally reached
we'll be here for a period

A warmth full of love
rushes through my body
Memories that won't ever disappear

I'll be sure to fulfill my promise and bring you
The straying (dream) wish (embracing it), turn it all into a song

Without diverting my eyes from reality
I'll get the courage to face up to it
Turning sadness and rage into strength
Fate is right beside me

Beyond where we face is the sky
A sparkling world

These cheers that shake my body
I won't betray them
For the future that we will live in together
we'll be at this place for a period

With the truth at our fingertips

EDIT: Fixed! It should be more accurate now. :D
Tags: fma, music, translation

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