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Re: FMA Episode 38

THIS WAS SUCH A GREAT EPISODE. I really have to go to sleep now and have no time to write my thoughts down properly so here are my reactions in an AIM chat.

ShukumeiGattai: oh Mei ,3
ShukumeiGattai: <3
ShukumeiGattai: omg NOW they have the flashback to Youswell!!!!!!
ShukumeiGattai: finally!!
ShukumeiGattai: lol it's playing like an old black-and-white movie with no voices
ShukumeiGattai: this is brilliant
ShukumeiGattai: Yoki's POV
ShukumeiGattai: he WAS in a circus!!!
ShukumeiGattai: ARMSTRONG'S SISTERS!!!!!
ShukumeiGattai: Catherine Armstrong totally just threw a piano at Yoki
ShukumeiGattai: Yoki got an eyecatch :D
arijanian: Awww.
arijanian: I am sad.
arijanian: I decided not to watch it
ShukumeiGattai: omg Ed XDD
arijanian: and now I am missing awesome.
arijanian: (I'm like four eps behind)
ShukumeiGattai: Ed is so gleeful at being fast XD
ShukumeiGattai: this episode is hitting all the right spots in terms of humor. animation is pretty great too. I heard Gainax is working on this episode :D
ShukumeiGattai: Winry ;_;
ShukumeiGattai: wait, what?
arijanian: You saw the Simple People episode, right?
ShukumeiGattai: yup!
ShukumeiGattai: Olivier/Buccaneer OTP
arijanian: Fff.
arijanian: I have a really nice Olivier/Miles doujin
arijanian: I had not thought of it
ShukumeiGattai: :O
arijanian: but I saw it at summer Comiket and snagged it
arijanian: and it works surprisingly well
arijanian: although she is very much the one in charge
arijanian: both in canon and in that doujin
arijanian: He has an almost Hawkeye role to her in the doujin, except that he owes her more and she takes less guff.
ShukumeiGattai: oh, nice! they skipped over most of Winry's talk with Scar and went right to the OMG KIMBLEY WHY DIDN'T YOU WATCH OVER WINRY OMG SCAR HAS HER NOW to leave the viewers in suspense :D
arijanian: hahaha awesome
arijanian: Didn't theydo that in the manga, too?
ShukumeiGattai: yeah, but they skipped over more here
ShukumeiGattai: like most of the important stuff, which I assume they'll show next episode
arijanian: Fff.
arijanian: Sweet.
ShukumeiGattai: HAHAHA Armstrong's HUGE older sisters are in the "See You Next Time!" card XD
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