Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 12-24-2009

  • 03:45:22: I'm going back and adding tags to all the Twitter posts on my LJ.
  • 03:47:23: Hahaha, I completely forgot I had a "vampires lol" tag. I'm going to use that whenever I talk about True Blood from now on.
  • 21:54:32: Presents are bought, wrapped, and delivered. Dinner ingredients are acquired. Chapter is written. GOAL IS REACHED! \o/
  • 23:29:23: Darker than BLACK Season 2 Finale: ...Wait, WHAT? WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! *utterly confused and heartbroken*
  • 23:30:01: I'm gonna need to watch that again with subtitles. o_o
  • 23:32:10: There's going to be another season? WELL THERE BETTER BE. Because this finale has confused me twice as much as the last one.

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Tags: darker than black, holidays

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