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Re: The Princess and the Frog

I LOVED IT. Best time at the movies I've had in a while. Over half the audience was made up of little girls. One of them was wearing Tiana's princess dress and it was adorable. :D

There are a lot of things I like about the movie. For one, it looked GORGEOUS. So many scenes were just a feast for the eyes. *__* I am so glad Disney's gone back to 2D animation, I wouldn't have this movie any other way.

New Orleans makes a great setting. The Bayou too. So many amazing set pieces and, like I said, it was all very, very pretty.

The music was great too. Hell yeah, Randy Newman! The songs reminded me a little of his work for Cats Don't Dance (in a good way).

But most of all, I liked the characters. NAVEEN. Best Disney prince ever, seriously. I mean yeah, he's spoiled, lazy, and narcissistic, but it's good that he has real flaws. And he has a personality. I thought he was hilarious. XD And quite cute. I could quote him forever.

Tiana is a wonderful heroine. I love that she has her own goal and works hard for it, rather than just sitting around wishing for everything to drop in her lap. She makes a good role model, which makes me happy for all those little girls in the theater. Actually, I found it interesting how Disney was satirizing their own princess franchise with Charlotte, and showing how much more genuine and respectable Tiana is in comparison. Yet at the same time, she has her own flaws too, and it was great to see her and Naveen help each other grow through them.

And you know, I expected to dislike Ray, but what happened to him in the end was such a major "AWWW" moment. :')

I really think this movie had the best "Happy Ending" possible. I would have been SO disappointed if it ended with Tiana and Naveen riding off to some far-away castle, leaving her dream behind. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Naveen is broke, and couldn't be happier just playing music in Tiana's restaurant. The last scene brought tears to my eyes, honestly.

I love that Naveen was ready to sacrifice his own happiness for Tiana's dream, and Tiana realizing that achieving her dream would feel empty if she didn't have him to share it with. With Naveen showing her how to enjoy life again, and her opening up only causing him to fall for her. I LOVE that they were both happy to remain frogs as long as they had each other, and how they only turned back human after they were already married. Just....omg, I have a new OTP. ♥ Probably the best developed romance in a Disney animated movie since Beauty and the Beast.

I definitely wouldn't mind going to see this again. I'll be getting the DVD too, but seeing it on the big screen was an awesome experience. :)
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