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Re: Ling & Ran Fan's character songs


OH MY GOD I love Ling's first song so much. Really catchy and the lyrics are perfect. *__* Best one so far!

His second song is good too, though slower.

Ran Fan's first song is okay. It feels kinda like the vocals are falling behind the instrumentals at times.

I like her second song a lot better, until it gets to the chorus, where the instrumentals are...odd. o_O

Overall, Ling's songs effectively capture both his light and serious sides. Ran be honest, love her as I may, I don't think she has enough character depth for two whole songs. >_>; They're both about her devotion to Ling and aren't all that interesting IMO. I'd have rather had two songs from Mei. In fact, I hope Mei does get a song eventually, because I think it would have potential to be really fun and adorable.

Next time: Roy and Riza maybe?
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