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Spent Thanksgiving at my dad's house~ And now I'm back and caught up with the internet again.

Stuff I'm freaking out over at the moment:

1. Gurren-hen and Lagann-hen being shown at a theater again
WHY does it have to be DECEMBER 4?! Why can't it be around Christmas or, you know, any time that I will actually be in Japan?! DDD:


3. Apparently the Spiral Boy manga is rushing toward a Swordmaster Yamato end after all. :(((

4. Darker than BLACK Season 2 Episode 8...

Hei pigging out again and quitting alcohol = YAY! I cheered out loud.

Guy and Kiko returning next episode = NOOOOOOOOO! I groaned.
Tags: anime, darker than black, gurren lagann, manga

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