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Today begins Winter Break, but first~

So today in Astronomy class, I discovered that two boys sitting at my table knew about Fullmetal Alchemist. O_O One of them I already knew was an anime fan, because he'd drawn Kuroneko-sama and Shippo on his jacket for the whole world to see. The other was unexpected (especially since I didn't really like him before).
I had been writing a Christmas card for one of my friends during class, and it was a homemade card, with a picture of chibi!Ed in a santa suit lugging a huge sack with SD!Al popping out of the corner. The guy with the jacket suddenly pointed at it and said, "Is that Fullmetal Alchemist?"
Me: "Yeah." My thoughts: OMG?!
Jacket guy: "Cool."


Me: "Have you seen it before?"
Jacket guy: "Yeah, a friend gave me a DVD with all the episodes."
Me: "I've seen it all too."
My thoughts: He's seen all of it?! OMFG YES!!!!!!!
Jacket guy: "Yeah, he downloaded it from certain 'sources.'"
Me: *small smile*
My thoughts: XDDD!
Other guy: "Oh, I started watching that on TV too. It's pretty good."
Jacket guy: "Yup."
My thoughts: HELL YEAH! :DDDDDD

Then they started playing cards. :D Later on I showed the jacket guy the keychain I bought at Otakon this summer, and he said it was cool. If I didn't restrain myself, I might have shown him my burned CD of FMA songs or my notebook full of doodles, but alas, I'm too shy. XD
This is still really really cool though. :D

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