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From Twitter 11-19-2009

  • 01:50:58: Latest episode of South Park is about Death By Pee. ...Why does this remind me of the Gurren Lagann Kink Meme.
  • 03:27:24: Looks like we're not getting a camrip. :/ Oh well. Two more months.
  • 04:01:12: It annoys me how some people think Nia is a naive pacifist.
  • 04:02:43: She's idealistic and empathic, sure, but not afraid to get down and dirty when it's necessary.
  • 04:21:12: 昨日アメリカでも紅蓮篇と螺厳篇が映画館で公開したんだよね。でもサンフラシスコのみ...同じ国なのにまだ遠いすぎる。ぐすん ;_;
  • 04:22:21: こりゃ映画館で見る機会ないよね、私...
  • 04:30:13: ガイナックススタッフが来てもいつもカリフォニアにしか来ないし...一回ぐらいこっちにも来て欲しい。
  • 14:51:39: Dawww July <3 He's really just a little boy, you know. ;__;
  • 15:00:11: I think Hei sees a lot of himself in Suou. Or at least he ought to, I don't think he's that stupid not to notice all the similarities.
  • 15:01:34: O-oh snap, I forgot about watching Pokemon today. Sorry, Kirsten! DD:
  • 15:19:46: Hmm, in the same way that Yin served as sort of a surrogate for Hei's sister, I think July is becoming a surrogate for Suou's brother.
  • 15:23:22: Creepy Russian serial killer Contractor was voiced by Ueda Yuuji? I thought he sounded familiar!
  • 15:33:51: /a/'s Darker than BLACK discussions are actually pretty entertaining, at least when not bogged down with shipping.

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