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From Twitter 11-14-2009

  • 03:55:34: I'm enjoying Darker than BLACK 2 so far, but the preview for the OVA also makes me VERY excited.
  • 03:58:30: The animation especially looks amazing. Darker than BLACK has always had pretty creative and awesome action scenes.
  • 04:02:17: I'm torn though. I've never shipped Hei with anyone, but now there's these hints of him with Yin, Misaki, and even Suou.
  • 04:05:03: For now I'll just keep enjoying his pseudo family dynamic with his new group. I especially love the addition of July.
  • 04:09:01: Poor July, losing both 11/11 and April. ;__; We didn't get to know the Magician very well though...I thought he would stick around longer.
  • 04:19:59: You know, Season 1 was pretty hit and miss. Which is why in the end I couldn't bring myself to buy the singles and am waiting for a boxset.
  • 04:24:38: But Season 2 so far is much more even. Maybe because it's just one storyline. Slice-of-life was great, but in some ways this works better.
  • 04:27:08: Less 'wacky' humor is a plus too. I would take Norio and his transdaddy over the detective duo anyday.
  • 04:28:26: But episode 6 had a laugh out loud moment for me. "Mommy, there's a Contractor on our roof!" "Shhh honey, pretend you don't notice." XD
  • 04:29:33: And then "Gotta follow him in the truck! ...CRAP, I'm wearing it!!" This is the kind of humor I like best in this show.

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Tags: anime, darker than black

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