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*sigh* Well, I've fallen waaaaay behind on that monthly fanfic thing I planned out, mostly due to loss of confidence. So now that I'm back trying to finish this chapter of SoPHD first, I need to get some thoughts down about it...

I touched on this before, but two things that really worry me about Chapter 11 Part 2 of SoPHD are: 1) Pacing, and 2) Characterization.

My fears were affirmed about the first one a couple of weeks ago when I brought some of it to Writer's Group and was told that it was starting to drag. Since then, I've been working on making the scenes more succinct. See, I wouldn't have this problem with Part 1 or Part 2, because I would only be covering the events of one day each. But for Part 2, it's necessary for me to cover like five days. Which means I have to keep the scenes brief and to-the-point, without extraneous details, so as not to bore the reader.

Yet at the same time, I can't sacrifice characterization. The progression of feelings for each character has to make sense. And the more that I cut, the more I fear that I'm losing some of that. I worry that it will end up feeling forced, even though I know that this is what has to happen and that it does make sense for the characters in this situation. So the portrayal is key. I have to put as much development as I can into these brief scenes, while still making it flow naturally.

Right now I'm worried that I'm not showing Simon being angsty enough. He can't just be semi-angsty one day and super-angsty the next. Hell, he's got more than enough to angst about already, so he shouldn't even be semi-angsty; but at the same time, not angsty to the point that the other characters feel the need to put him in a straight jacket. The point is, it should feel abrupt to them, but not to the reader. And I should make Boota's motivations more clear, so it won't seem like I'm just stuffing him into a role for the sake of moving the plot forward. Nia...Nia is okay for now. Her difficult parts aren't until Part 3.

Well, I probably won't feel good about this until it's fully beta'd anyway. :/ And for the record, despite all my agonizing, I DO still enjoy writing this story. I feel joy every time I come up with something that works just right. It's just that I keep feeling "omg I can't wait to get to this point of the story!" and when I do, it's always "ohhhhh my gawwwd it's so much harder than I imagined."
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