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Sooo...I've begun collecting doujinshi. I was never really into doujinshi before, either because I just wasn't interested in any for my fandoms, or the fandoms that I would be interested in buying doujinshi for were so rare that they were difficult to find anyway. Until this year, the only doujinshi I had were two Fullmetal Alchemist ones that I bought at a convention on a whim.

But you know what I've realized since then? Gurren Lagann has an awesome fandom. That has a lot of awesome doujin circles. Whose work I am actually interested in. To the point that I would spend money to acquire them. Thus, I've begun collecting.

This was the state of my collection back in July. Since then, it has doubled in number. :D;

These are all the Gurren Lagann doujinshi I have as of today:

From left to right, in the order that I got them:
Otokonoko Onnanoko by bit
Ah, Barairo no Hibi by Air
amabile by KinGin
Reset by Gura
Kimi no Katachi by Mizutama
Saraba Rakugaki Giga Drill 3 by Gurren Lagann staff
Karoyaka na Kodou by Tobineko
Hoshi ga matataku kimi no hoo by Tobineko
Fleur de Fleurs by OVERCAT

Six out of these ten are pure Simon/Nia. One is a staff doujinshi. Two are AU (Reset is Garlock AU and Karoyaka na Kodou is based on the drama CD). One is a Simon-centric gag manga (DRiLL STARs). Two are fairly recent and based on Lagann-hen (DRiLL STARs and Fleur de Fleurs). Two are acquired from friends (you know who you are ♥). Overall, I'm pretty happy with what I have so far. :D

Annnd here's a list of the doujinshi I'm looking for. I want these either because I already enjoyed a circle's work enough that I want more from them, or I've enjoyed the contents of the authors' fansites enough that I know I'll like whatever they put out. Also, I am very picky about porn, and since I would like to refrain from spending money on something I might not like, for the moment I'm only looking for gen or non-adult romance.


Flashback by bit (Mmm, shota!Genome)
World End by Gura
Moshimo no Sekai by Gura
Taiyou to tsuki no hi by Gura
Simple Is Best! by Gura
Hitori to Ippiki by OVERCAT (Or any other Simon/Nia doujinshi by OVERCAT)
Kimi no Himitsu by Mizutama
Spiral Lovers by Aurora Vision
Butamogura demo dekiru doriru kyouhon by AND OVER
CHANGE! by strongests (Mmm, genderswitch)
Any of the previous staff doujinshi from the Rakugaki Drill series (that I can find at a reasonable price).
And MY LOVER by waso, aka Kazuko's copy-bon that I have little hope of finding anywhere. :(

Ironically, one of my Twitter friends is a Gurren Lagann doujin artist, yet I'm not interested in buying her work. ^^; (For porn reasons.)

I've also been salivating over some gorgeous Fantastic Children and Mushishi doujinshi I found online, but gahhhh, they're all so expensive. D:

EDIT: If anyone wants me to uh...take pictures of any of these, just ask. I'd offer to scan, but my scanner's been dead for ages, and taking pictures is the best I can do. >.>
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