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From Twitter 10-12-2009

  • 17:54:10: I am so amused. THE DENIAL CAMPAIGN LIVES ON.
  • 19:30:48: Just took me several frustrated tries of searching for "Fairy Tale" before I realized the anime is called "Fairy Tail."
  • 19:31:06: I just want to hear Kakihara, dammit.
  • 20:17:32: I think I would like Heroes as a show better if it was just about normal people dealing with their powers. I don't need story arcs.
  • 20:19:55: Because I always tend to like the new characters when their stories are just starting up. Like Emma, in this season. She's interesting.
  • 20:22:33: So many characters with potential were killed off by Sylar. And others were just dropped by the writers without giving them any resolution.
  • 22:58:56: People keep saying Fairy Tail is like One Piece, but it reminds me a lot of Slayers too.
  • 22:59:56: First episode was rather bleh. I'll just keep watching for Kakihara's character. I did like the BGM though.
  • 23:06:05: Watching the Monster dub. They DID change the BGM! o.O Wtf???
  • 23:06:39: Agh, first inappropriate commercial break. D:
  • 23:09:24: Went straight from chips commercial to brain surgery!
  • 23:14:30: Okay, so they're keeping some of the BGM but changing others. I don't get it.
  • 23:30:27: These BGM changes are annoying. Mostly because I've watched the first episode so many times that I have it nearly memorized.
  • 23:33:07: I even miss the "brought to you by these sponsors" message right after the OP.
  • 23:43:49: The new BGM sucks too. :/

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