Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Re: FMA Episode 27


THAT OP!!! OH GOD THAT OP!!!!!!!!!!

I need to rewatch that to see if Greedling is in it anywhere. Pretty sure I saw a bit of Pride's shadow form. But omg EPIC BRIGGS SEQUENCE AND ISHBAL AND SO MUCH KIMBLEY!!!!! *______* I am happy.


WTF recap episode. :/ It's not even a particularly good recap episode. Most of it was boring. The episode is essentially worthless except for the new OP and ED, and probably confusing for non-manga readers. My guess is that they're doing this so they can save up on the animation budget. Is this equivalent exchange? We get a string of friggin amazing episodes, and in return we have to suffer through a recap?

Good things about the episode:
1. Young Pinako is awesome and gets her own eyecatch.
2. We see Trisha as a child, teenager, and adult.
3. Hohenheim/Trisha OTPness ♥
4. "Let it Out" montage was pretty awesome~
5. Pretty landscape at the end.

But yeah, basically, the episode is about Hohenheim tripping out after drinking too much booze.


Similar to Motherland in concept, only SO MUCH BETTER!!! A whole lot of Winry being awesome and hardworking, rather than just tasteless fanservice. Also RAN FAN and MEI! So pretty!!

It's weird though, cuz Lil'B said they wrote the song specifically for Ed & Al's relationship, yet neither of the boys appear in the ED. :/



Now to just wait for the RAW so I can watch the OP a thousand times more. *____*

EDIT: Yes, he IS in it! :)
Tags: anime, fma

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