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To celebrate tonight's airing of episode 7...

Here's my gut-wrenching music playlist:

Kesenai Tsumi (by Kitade Nana)
Beaming Sunlight (OST 1)
Fate (OST 1)
Bratja (OST 1)
Taboo (OST 1)
Parting (OST 1)
Tobira no Mukou he (by Yellow Generation)
Kodoku (OST 2)
Romei (OST 2)
Dante (OST 2)
Rewrite (by AKFG)
Keiji (OST 2)
Kuukyo (OST 2)
Tsumi (OST 2)
Etude in E Major- A Song (by Chopin)
Returnable Memories (by Paku Romi)

Go ahead! Try it! >=D (Warning: May cause severe depression and/or angsty plotbunnies.)

Oh yeah, and a Desktop Update: Sunset.

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