Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 10-03-2009

  • 02:23:31: Randomly, here is a list of anime holidays that I observe. September 30: Simon & Nia's wedding anniversary (Gurren Lagann).
  • 02:23:57: October 3: Don't Forget Day (Fullmetal Alchemist).
  • 02:24:24: November 11: November 11 Day (Darker than BLACK).
  • 02:25:50: May 5: Hikaru no Go Day (Hikaru no Go). I haven't really done anything for this one, though...
  • 02:27:57: That being said, Happy Don't Forget Day!
  • 02:36:07: I'm really tempted to get this, but I might wait to see how awesome the art for the Lagann-hen DVD is first...
  • 02:38:09: Of course, by then, someone probably would have already taken it. Le Sigh. I do want an awesome Gurren Lagann poster someday though.

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Tags: fandom, fma, gurren lagann, holidays

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