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Okay, so I'm pretty new at this Paypal & Ebay thing. Just yesterday, I managed to sell three items on Ebay. Only one of the buyers have payed me so far.

The problem? The email address I use for Paypal is ******** The email address I use on Ebay is *******, because they won't allow me to use an email address that's the same as my username. Ever since the person payed me, I've been worrying because I keep checking Paypal and there's no "payment pending" message. I'd linked my Paypal account to my Ebay account, so I didn't mention which email address to send the payment to in the invoice (like I said, I'm new at this, so I thought it would automatically go to ********

Right now I tried to claim my payment on Ebay, and it says it was sent to ******* And I still haven't received anything on my Paypal account.

Did my buyer just send their payment to someone else?! Or worse yet, to a nonexistant account? Is that even possible???

If the confusion is all my fault (right now that's looking very likely), what should be my next course of action? I've already sent another invoice to the other two buyers telling them to make sure to send payment to ********, but what about this one buyer? Right now I'm thinking I should probably refund the money and still ship the item (which sucks because that would be taking money out of my own pocket and my objective in this was making more money). But I should probably ask for advice from any more experienced Ebayers before I make another possibly stupid move. So please, HELP?

AGH. I was so hoping that this would go smoothly so I could get good feedback. T__T

EDIT: I got it figured it out. I asked the buyers to cancel their payments and resend them to the right email address, and it worked. I have my money! \o/

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