Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Re: FMA Episode 24

Oh god epic. *__*

PRIDE!!! :O I like how they did his voice. It sounds sorta similar to Truth.

For the most part, I really liked how they incorporated new scenes in this episode. Though I think some people who haven't read the manga might find the Selim scene kinda random lol. (Or maybe not. Since Selim was mentioned in the previous episode and he'll likely be mentioned again next episode when Roy tries to use him as Bradley's weakness.) They changed some things in the scene with Raven though and I don't remember if that whole conversation with Grumman was in the manga...

Man, Ling is so badass. ♥ It's been great seeing new viewers really falling for Ling in the past few weeks.

Did Envy ever sit on a tree branch in the manga? Because they were hinting at his weight when he was on the ground but that didn't seem to be a problem when he was on that branch.

And they changed Envy from appearing as a horse to a dog. Are they implying that Envy was spying on them as a dog when they were escaping (a horse would be too conspicuous), and that's how he knew what Ran Fan looked like? Come to think of it, they also took some lines from the Ling-tachi VS Homunculi fight that was cut and incorporated it into the Ling VS Envy fight here. Pretty nicely done.

I'm a little disappointed that they only got to the Sea of Blood in the last scene, but that did make for a great cliffhanger. Actually, they preserved two of Arakawa's cliffhangers in this episode. They've been doing a good job of that lately.

Next episode preview: AHHHHH OMG IT LOOKS AWESOME.

The flashback with Mei & Xiao Mei looks gorgeous too. *__*

Now to wait for reactions from new viewers. For half the episode I was remembering how freaked out I was when I first read the part where they get swallowed in the manga and imagining how the new viewers would be freaking out too. XD

EDIT: I should probably note that Keyhole was being really shitty tonight. For most of the episode, the audio was lagging behind the video by one or two seconds, and I couldn't see a huge chunk of scenes in the first half. So if I missed something, feel free to correct me. :O
Tags: anime, fma

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