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From Twitter 09-12-2009

  • 03:18:54:
  • 03:19:11: Oh yeah, and I have internet again.
  • 03:22:54: I received the sweetest review for SoPHD while I was gone. It's a good thing I'm really in the mood to get back to it again.
  • 03:24:04: Taking a break really helps sometimes.
  • 03:25:57: But I think I'm going to finish the drama CD translation first this weekend. I made good progress in the past few days.
  • 03:29:14: ...After I catch up on anime. Haruhi, Tokyo Magnitude, Umineko, FUNimation's sub for FMA ep. 22...
  • 03:31:51: Speaking of FUNi, I've also been watching the Darker than BLACK dub On Demand, since I ought to rewatch it before the new season.
  • 03:32:48: I approve of November 11's voice and accent.
  • 11:04:02: Finished Haruhi. LOL Shamisen. All the infighting between the groups is interesting. Koizumi has just been a joy to watch this season.

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Tags: anime, darker than black, dub, fanfiction, gurren lagann, suzuharu, translation

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