Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Internet Hiatus

We started changing the floors to hardwood today, starting with the second floor. However, our neighbor (he's doing it for us since he likes to renovate houses as a hobby) only managed to get the computer room done so far. That means for just the entire second floor, it will probably take at least four days total. Meanwhile, the internet accidentally got disconnected and mom refuses to set it up again until everything is done and there's not so much dust in the air. And we're staying at a hotel at night (I'm using the hotel computer right now).

So yeah, I'll probably only be able to access the internet once a day for the next week. I'm hoping I can convince mom to get it up again before Sunday so I can watch the new FMA episode, but who knows.

At least now I'll be able to get a lot of writing and translating done with the lack of internet distractions.

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