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RE: FMA Episode 22

Oh god. I think this has become my favorite episode.

ShukumeiGattai: starting!!
arijanian: oh, phew, the opening sequence
arijanian: I should have just enough time to finish this one
ShukumeiGattai: yay~
arijanian: ahahaha
arijanian: Roy holding his nooose
arijanian: this is hilarious
arijanian: I am watching two episodes at once
arijanian: kay
arijanian: done
ShukumeiGattai: omg they had Ling chop Gluttony's head in half!!
arijanian: just one now
ShukumeiGattai: this fiiiight <3
ShukumeiGattai: this is new music!
arijanian: SWEET MU-oot
ShukumeiGattai: this is where I fell in love with Ling
arijanian: omg rockbells!
ShukumeiGattai: AHH FLASHBACK ;__;

*we keep watching in silence until the eyecatch comes up*

ShukumeiGattai: oh god
arijanian: o shi. ;_;
ShukumeiGattai: I was just captivated
arijanian: I love the music for this
ShukumeiGattai: GREAT episode so far
arijanian: and the use of flashback
arijanian: and the timing of Winry's approach
arijanian: they did a very good job with Al noticing her and Ed not
arijanian: and making that crucial point believable
ShukumeiGattai: yes
arijanian: and the boys' horror
arijanian: Ed and Al don't kill as a personal rule and now Winry is about to
ShukumeiGattai: Winry's outburst was a lot quieter than I imagined in the manga, but it worked. she just seemed so stunned
arijanian: *nods*
arijanian: And the way it rose to a shriek
arijanian: AH MISSED IT
arijanian: was looking at my laptop screen
arijanian: okay
arijanian: back!
ShukumeiGattai: BACK
ShukumeiGattai: FLASHBACK
ShukumeiGattai: wow, are they trying to fit in all of Scar's Ishbal flashbacks in this episode?
arijanian: oooh
arijanian: I like the blue eyes
arijanian: the sense of bizarreness to it
ShukumeiGattai: yeah o.o
ShukumeiGattai: this is brutal D:
ShukumeiGattai: woah
arijanian: oh lord
arijanian: the parallels to the elrics
ShukumeiGattai: wow they really are going to fit in all the Ishbal flashback
arijanian: ;_;
ShukumeiGattai: ;____;
arijanian: oh oh
arijanian: I bet he sees the blue eyes
arijanian: and goes postal
ShukumeiGattai: OH SNAP
ShukumeiGattai: ;__________;
ShukumeiGattai: ohhhh god
ShukumeiGattai: ohhhh god
arijanian: -_-
arijanian: I called it
arijanian: but I'm not happy about it...
ShukumeiGattai: as horrible as it is, his mindset is totally understandable here
arijanian: the blue eyes really helped make the point
arijanian: great storytelling
ShukumeiGattai: yeah
ShukumeiGattai: ohhh wow
arijanian: PERFECT fade.
ShukumeiGattai: THE KITTY
ShukumeiGattai: YES
ShukumeiGattai: oh god perfect music timing
ShukumeiGattai: ;______;
arijanian: has this song ever been more perfect?
ShukumeiGattai: indeed
arijanian: let it all out, Winry.
arijanian: <3
arijanian: ;_;
ShukumeiGattai: their backs ;__;
arijanian: I loved the tenderness of that closeup on his hands gently unfolding her fingers one by one
arijanian: and then taking her hand in both of his.
ShukumeiGattai: I think this might be my favorite episode
arijanian: Man, the blue eye effect.
ShukumeiGattai: that was brilliant
arijanian: It was perfect in so many ways
arijanian: it made the soldiers look terrible and alien
arijanian: (I liked that the alchemy was colored, too)
arijanian: and then it tied together his reasons for killing the Rockbells perfectly
arijanian: the way they did his disorientation and the moment when he just lost it
arijanian: And the parallels between the scene where his brother staggered through the wreckage and smoke and found him and sacrificed himself
ShukumeiGattai: LING
arijanian: and the scene with Ed and Al in the aftermath of their transmutation...
arijanian: and, oh, man, the fade from Kimbley menacing the brothers
ShukumeiGattai: oooh nice fighting animation between Ed and Scar there in the preview
arijanian: to Scar in the SAME POSE menacing Ed and Winry
arijanian: you could see the second when the full horror of what he'd become struck Scar.
arijanian: Color me blown away.
ShukumeiGattai: yesssss
ShukumeiGattai: I'm actually really glad that they kept the parts with Ling and Ran Fan to the opening scene so they could focus the rest of the episode on Scar and Winry
ShukumeiGattai: it worked really well
arijanian: *nods*
arijanian: And putting the whole Ishbal flashback together worked well, too
ShukumeiGattai: I wonder how the Ishbal flashback episode is going to go now, since they got all of Scar's stuff out of the way. I suppose they'll do the same scene only through Kimbley's POV?
arijanian: I'm a little sad that they left out the sadistic little touch of Kimbley deliberately scarring his face
arijanian: Makes Kimbley seem a little less completely sadistic
ShukumeiGattai: ?? I don't think that was in the manga...?
arijanian: Was it not?
arijanian: That might have been anime-onl
arijanian: /y
arijanian: come to think of it
ShukumeiGattai: yeah, that was just in the first anime
arijanian: I guess it was just an iconic moment for me, then. ^^;
arijanian: Fair 'nough.
arijanian: They did a good job with his sadistic grin
ShukumeiGattai: I think I'll stay up a bit longer to read peoples' reviews
ShukumeiGattai: while listening to "Let it out" on repeat ;__;
arijanian: *nods*
arijanian: I am watching WLIIA to cheer myself up a bit
ShukumeiGattai: the great thing about the music at the end there was the fact that the scene was completely silent beforehand, no BGM. so when the music started, it really hit me in the heart ;__;
arijanian: *nods*

EDIT: OMG. I just realized.

From episode 5, when the Ishbal war is recounted through the Amestrian POV.

From episode 22, through Scar's POV.

AWESOME. This is the kind of thing that can only be done in animation. ♥
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