Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Re: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Episode 9

GAHHHHHHHH why did the episode have to end there?!?

Mari reuniting with her daughter and mother made me tear up. ;__;

And oh god, I think it's pretty much confirmed that Yuuki died last episode. Mari still hasn't said a word to him, still reacts oddly whenever Mirai mentions being with him, and only calls for Mirai when she's searching for them. It definitely seemed like Yuuki was functioning as Mirai's subconscious in this episode. Mirai even seemed to be realizing the truth when they got to the hospital, and she was all in a hurry to get home to keep from facing it. She's just so determined to take him back safely, even if it's only in her head.

It's going to be revealed in the next episode, isn't it? Yuuki was about to tell her something... Only two episodes are left. And the preview mentions Crush that what killed Yuuki? From when he got trapped in episode 2? I thought it might have been a head injury from when the Tokyo Tower fell...

Oh yeah. And Yuuki said that Mirai should consider being a robot otaku like him. And her answer is "I'll think about it." ;____; SHE'S GONNA MAKE ROBOTS WHEN SHE GROWS UP, ISN'T SHE?

EDIT: OMG. I rewatched the last part. When Mirai and Yuuki leave the hospital, Yuuki is wearing his backpack. But when Mari goes to look for them, the backpack is still there. Yuuki is only wearing the backpack in Mirai's head. Now it's definitely confirmed.
Tags: anime

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