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Mom dragged me out to shop for a ceiling lamp today (even though I'm not feeling well). I think that our differences in taste highlight some key differences in our personalities.

I preferred the lamps that are warm, flowery, and old-fashioned-looking. Mom liked bright and contemporary. We both balked at each others' choices. Though in the end, we were able to compromise.

It's the same with flooring. I like carpet because it's warm and comfortable. Mom likes hardwood flooring. I hate hardwood because it's cold, hard, and slippery. But mom is constantly afraid of dust settling in the carpet, and since she has breathing problems, I can't really complain against that. So we're changing to hardwood.

With that, and fixing the holes in the walls (we had to get all the pipes replaced last month), the house is going through a lot of construction these days. :/
Tags: family, real life

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