Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Ahaha. So I started stalking following a few Japanese GL fans on Twitter. One of them began following me back (!), and another wrote "There's a foreign person who doesn't seem to be spam following me now, does this have some kind of meaning." XDDD;; Also, I'm kind of overwhelmed by just how much they use the thing.

Some news on the Gurren Lagann manga- the other princess is named ストレイア. Sutoreia? Streia? Storeya? Straya? I think I'll go with "Straya" for the time being... She sounds like a pretty interesting character. :O We get to see her and Nia's mothers in silhouette?! Guh, can't wait for a more in-depth summary and preview pics. I don't know if I can hope for full scans anymore. :(
Tags: gurren lagann, manga

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