Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Re: True Blood Season 2 Episode 10

Hahaha, the "WTF?!" looks on Jason and Sookie's faces were glorious.

Oh god, I laughed so hard at Hoyt's mom killing aliens on the Wii. XDDD I wonder what other games Bill has?

I've been waiting so long for Sookie to say "GTFO of my house!" to Maryanne. Well, I suppose that was close enough. Sookie's grandmother must be rolling in her grave. Hmm, and it seems even vampires aren't a threat to Maryanne. Though it seems there's something special about Sookie other than just being a telepath...

As I thought, Sam and Andy teaming up was adorable. Though Andy still thinks Sam is a nudist. XD Hopefully Sam will explain that he's a shape-shifter soon. "That's the last drink I'll ever take." XD

Terry still caring for Arlene through the madness was rather sweet. ♥

I love how awesome Jason has become now. He was all "RAWR, I'm being badass, PAY ATTENTION TO ME." I also LOL'd at him pretending to be a god. Best scene. XD

Come to think of it, from their past activities, you'd think that Jason and Lafayette would be pretty susceptible to Maryanne's influence, so it's cool to see them being on the sane & sober side now. Well, they have had some eye-opening experiences this season.

Poor Tara. D:

And I knew Jessica would snap eventually! Starving a young vampire is not a good thing. Not good at all.

Tags: tv, vampires lol

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