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I'm still working on Sound of Pulling Heaven Down. Just very slowly. The reasons why this part is proving difficult to write is: 1) There's hardly any fluff, so it's not as fun, 2) I need to be especially careful with the characterization this time so it will stay consistent and make sense, and 3) I have to balance the amount of world-building, because no one cares about my shitty OCs. Also, this part covers roughly a week within the story, so I'm worried how that will affect the pacing. Because it's necessary for me to go into at least some detail on each day...

So, the way I've been progressing is thinking over and writing out the key scenes while procrastinating on the longer descriptions. :/ I'll finish it eventually. I just have to sit myself down to work through all the tedious parts.

In the meantime, I feel like I should also do something about my backlog of fic ideas, before I lose interest and they all go to waste. Maybe I could write a one-shot per month? There's ten days left in August...I could probably manage a short one in that amount of time. If it means I can keep myself writing, it's worth a try.

This calls for a poll. For this month, I'll be picking the one that's easiest to write at the moment, but I'd like to know which ideas people would be most interested in seeing written out. That would help in at least creating a schedule.

Poll #1447315 Fanfic Ideas Poll

Which would you most like to read?

Parallel Works 1 (prequel, Kamina+Simon)
Parallel Works 1 (sequel, Simon/Nia)
Parallel Works 3 (Simon/Nia)
Genderswitch Simon/Nia
Mid-timeskip Simon/Nia
Drama CD Simon/Nia
Zombie Nia

And yes, it is mostly Simon/Nia. This shouldn't come as a surprise. >.>;

Clarification on some of these:

-Prequel/sequel means whether the story takes place before or after the events shown in the video. The sequel idea is the one I talked about over here.

-Zombie Nia is a new one. It's not literally Nia becoming a zombie, I just like calling it that. XD; The idea is basically: what if, instead of disappearing at the wedding, Nia just sort of...fizzled out slowly over a period of months? Gradually losing body parts and her sense of self in the process? I dunno, I just feel like exploring the more disturbing possibility. Of course, it would also be horribly depressing. I swear, not everything I write is full of angst, ahaha...
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