Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

From Twitter 08-13-2009

  • 16:44:03: Am watching someone play the new FMA Wii game. Pretty amusing. Now I can experience the story without buying the game myself, yay~
  • 16:50:17: New Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 episode is out. I missed the live stream of this today because I was watching Haruhi...
  • 17:30:30: Watching this show is kinda scary considering the latest earthquakes in was freaking out about it a couple of days ago.
  • 17:49:57: Good episode. Mari finally lost her cool. But I would totally be rushing to find my daughter if I were her.
  • 22:01:35: Tried Digiorno's Crispy Flatbread Pizza for the first time tonight. DELICIOUS. The commercials were right, wow.
  • 22:54:11: IMO, the worst kind of season finale is the one that ends with the protagonist in a coma.

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Tags: anime, fma, food, game

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