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When I first learned that Hayao Miyazaki, the genius writer and director of Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and other anime masterpieces, was starting on another project, and it was an adaption of a book called Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, I immediately picked the book up. And fell in love.
It is now one of my most favorite fantasy novels. The characters, the story, the magic...ohhh I just couldn't put it down. I saw the first teaser trailer for the movie shortly after. It was a 10 second look at the castle. It didn't look anything like what was described in the book, but was still REALLY AWESOME. I began eagerly awaiting the movie. I looked at online interviews with Diana Wynne Jones, and it turns out she is a fan of Miyazaki's too, and though it might not be exactly alike with the book, she was still looking forward to it and was sure it would be a great movie.
Well, DUH. Miyazaki never fails to please!
And now there's a new trailer...about 2 minutes long. OMG I want must go to Japan to see this movie!!!!

1st thought during trailer: Oh, wow, is that Sophie? She really is an old woman, and has really big eyes...GASP! CALCIFER! He doesn't look scary at all...but ADORABLE! I wanna hug him! I'll get burned, but I don't care!
2nd thought: Hey, who's that girl? Young!Sophie? GASP! It's Howl! OMG he's GORGEOUS! He...he looks like Nausicaa!
3rd thought: Okay, so that's the Witch of the Waste. Meh, she looks okay I guess.
4th thought: Castle still looks awesome. XD
5th thought: Eugh, Howl's castle really IS filthy. And Sophie cleaning! SQUEE!
6th thought: HOWL WITH BLACK HAIR!!! AAAHHH he looks so cool!!! He's like a cross between Ashitaka and Haku...! Could this be the scene after he rescues Sophie from the witch?
7th thought: The falling star! Beautiful!
8th thought: Who's that kid? Is he the apprentice guy (forgot his name)? He looks like Mei. There's even the characterisic Miyazaki BLINK.
10th thought: The bay view from the window! Just how I imagined it! YAY!
So anyway, I'm going to submit a poem to class today. And I'll try buying Kino AGAIN tomorrow. If they don't have it by then, I will be very very upset. (Okay, pissed off). And that's about it for today.

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