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Re: Gurren Lagann Manga Chapter 23

Okay, this is actually getting PRETTY EXCITING now.


So, this chapter seems to be combining the episode 11 and episode 12 stories. There's the part with the swimsuits at the beach and Yoko becoming jealous of Nia, only this time Yoko actually leaves the group to go off on her own for a while.

And then the girls from that village come and invite everyone over to their village.

(At this point, it seems Simon isn't officially the leader yet.)

So, they go, and get captured. Guame is still a crafty bastard YES. And he gets a conversation with Lord Genome YES! \o/

And so Yoko comes back later, and is now the only member of the Dai-Gurren Brigade who isn't captured. What will she do?! Oh man, I hope she gets some nice character development/highlight scenes from this. So much potential for awesome.

Guame is starting a search for Lagann and its pilot. What will Simon do if/when he's discovered?! Taking into account the fact that he's not depressed anymore, again, there's potential for awesome.

Guame mentions "one more princess" and wonders what she will say when she meets the "newest princess." NIA WILL MEET HER OLDER SISTER. WHO LOOKS OLD ENOUGH TO BE HER GRANDMOTHER. HOW TRAUMATIC. What will she do?!

I assume this other princess is the chief of the girls' village. Because, come to think of it, Kazuki Nakashima mentioned in his afterword of the 2nd novel that originally, they'd planned that the village of girls from episode 11 had a female chief, who turns out to be one of the former princesses who was thrown away-- but they regretfully had to cut that from the script so they could do Simon's revival properly.


I wonder if they'll do any more with Old Coco too, since his background also involves one of the former princesses...

Anyway, I have to say, this was a twist I was not expecting. :D Now I'll really be looking forward to this manga every month.

EDIT: I'm rereading this part of the 2nd novel now, and there actually is a female chief in here. But she only acts as the girls' spokesperson and there's no mention in the story whether she's a former princess... Actually, she's probably not, because when Guame offers Nia the job, he says that Nia would suit the position better since she was born and raised in the capital.

So the manga is the first time the "other princess" idea is going to be explored officially...
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