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Re: Baccano! dub

Well, I just finished the last volume of the dub. I have to say it was solid overall, though perhaps not as good as I'd hoped for this show. Some of the voices didn't live up to the original, some were different but just as good, and some were fantastic.

My favorite definitely had to be Claire. Jerry Jewell was the perfect Claire, with the right amount of swagger and sexy accent. He even changed his voice a little when going into the Rail Tracer persona. (And watching episodes 14-16 again reaffirmed my love for Claire himself. He is just the right combination of dorky, crazy, and badass. ♥)

I also grew to like Ladd's dub voice. Once I got over how different he sounded from the Japanese, I thought he did great in the role. Czeslaw, Elmer, Huey, and Dallas impressed me too. And many others. God, this show has a ton of characters.

Chris Patton's Graham wasn't as good as Tomokazu Sugita's though. He did fine, but Sugita sounded more batshit insane and hilarious. Kinda the same problem I had with Isaac and Miria in the dub; the Japanese performances were hard to top.

...Oh man, new FMA soon. *__* SO EXCITED.
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