Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

In my excitement for Heart Gold/Soul Silver, tonight I randomly decided I wanted to start over my Fire Red game and play it from the beginning (since I'd never finished my old game and didn't want to start from the middle). But first, I wanted to check out the team I had already.

Well. I'd totally forgotten that I had gotten a Mew at an event a few years ago. I can't just erase my official Mew...! D: And I have no one to trade with so there's no way for me to transfer it somewhere to save for later.

But I'm not sure where I am in this game. It's been a few years since I've played it. I'd last saved in Saffron City, and it looks like I still haven't defeated Sabrina, nor has Team Rocket taken over Silph Co. yet. The replay shows that the last thing I did was leave the Fighting Dojo, and it looks like I finished fighting everyone and gotten my Hitmonlee. I have faint memories of the Sevii Islands, but I can't remember whether I had done everything I needed to do there. (However, my Charizard does know Blast Burn.) The only Legendary Bird I'm missing is Moltres, so I've at least gotten through the Power Plant and Seafoam Islands. So...what was it that I needed to do for Team Rocket to take over Silph again...? I forgot. D:

Dammit, I want to play, but my memories of the game are so faint that I don't know where I should go from here. If it weren't for the Mew, I could just start over from scratch...

EDIT: OH SNAP. I have a Celebi on this game too. An official 10th Anniversary version. OTL

EDIT 2: HEY KIRSTEN I don't think I ever got that Mudkip from you. :(

EDIT 3: Can I also just say that it annoys me how outdated I feel simply for playing a GBA? Stupid Nintendo DS and everyone trading through Wifi these days... I can barely get used to one platform before they come out with another. I'm not a serious gamer, I can't keep up with these things. D:
Tags: game, pokemon

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