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Endless Eight...again

Okay, this episode was awesome for two reasons: KOIZUMI and YUKI. They seemed to really stand out in this episode, especially Koizumi, who never got much focus before.

I looooved all the subtle details in the animation. That scene where Koizumi jokes about telling Haruhi he loves her, he looked so sad for a split second... And Yuki and Kyon's interaction was awesome (gah, poor Yuki).

I appreciated that they didn't just reuse the animation from the last episode, by adding or expanding on scenes or outright changing them in little ways. I liked noticing all the details, such as the different bathing suits and yukata and Yuki buying a different mask.

But jeez, they still haven't wrapped up this storyline. It's going to continue for another episode?! They're really trying to make the audience sympathize with the characters' deja vu, aren't they? XD; I don't mind seeing it stretched into three episodes except for the fact that it takes away from the number of other stories to be adapted...there's only going to be 10 new episodes left...

Oh, but this is pretty interesting:

They're gradually disappearing! 8D HELL YES! Come to think of it, the lyrics for this ED is very fitting for the Disappearance story. *excited!*
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